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Monday, March 15, 2010

Horrible Fire Battle for Welcoming Nyepi Day

The ritual fires of war is a Hindu tradition in Mataram since 1838 was held in Jalan Selaparang, Cakranegara, which is the location of the battle between the Kingdom Singosari and the Kingdom of Karang Asem.

The ritual activities conducted after the procession ogoh-ogoh (giant dolls with frightening form) that involved hundreds of residents from two banjar (environmental) in the East of District Cakranegara, namely Banjar Negara Sakah and Banjar Sweta.

Residents from each banjar attacked each other with a lit fire on Bobok (leaves, dried coconut is already tied to form a broom). Prior to attack each other action, the first public figures to check that bobok will be used by people to attack other people.

Attack each other process occurs after the community leaders of each banjar agreed to start a war. Residents from both banjar seen a swing with a violent burning dried coconut leaves at his opponent's body. After the battle lasted for about 15 minutes finally both agreed to stop the war banjar and return to their homes in a peaceful atmosphere with no hard feelings between them.

According to Nyoman East Village Chief Vishnu Cakranegara flame war is not just the form of a celebration of Nyepi. However, a deeper meaning is to cleanse the earth from all this evil that occurred.

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