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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Mudik Phenomena

MUDIK interpreted as forth the return process of urban communities, nomads to my hometown. Mudik synonymous with back upstream that could mean the region of origin. And the tradition of going home before the celebration of Eid is already a culture or a culture, so I understand it as Mudik cultural. Mudik as a unique cultural phenomenon and perhaps only one in the world. This phenomenon has been seized  a lot of attention from all circles; governments, economists, sociologists, until local police had to escort the the Mudik flow and back flow from the user community of motorcycle travelers.

The motivation of going home (mudik) is not simply because the momentum of the celebration of Idul Fitri. Hari Raya Idul Fitri I say only as a medium that allows the mudik place. Because back to my hometown outside of Idul Fitri, although beaten by a community of nomads, less commonly known about, isn't it? Yes. Here lies the uniqueness of the culture or cultures forth.

Another motivation is the most knowledgeable travelers community itself. But, of course it is predictable. Motivation can be drawn pemudik (the people) in an attempt to return to the homeland after a long time in the overseas. Sub motivation; celebrate Eid at home, having a long rope Silaturrahmi this press of work lost because of working activity.

How not, flow forth almost certainly colored by passengers ; Railway Aircraft, Ships of the Sea, bus traffic until congestion on the highway for travelers crowd private car or hired car for the sole purpose forth. Similarly, backflow almost certainly be followed by the number of backflow; the prospective new nomads nomads, who ideally want to find work in big cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta and other cities around it.

Circuit like that that has made Mudik Eid as a phenomenal culture in the life of the Indonesian nation. And culture of going home, going home and the current flows through, will remain a phenomenon in the future. At least, while Eid is celebrated by our nation. Why is the nation? Yes, the facts on the ground shows that no longer Eid is celebrated exclusively by Indonesian Muslims. Non-Muslims too, "celebrating" Eid ul-Fitr, at least in the region through celebrating the cultural phenomenon of going home, going home and the current flows through.


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  2. Salam dude, mau beli rumah di Indonesia bernuansa klasik ? maen ke sini yah

  3. Mudik saja ke rumah aku, biar nyaman coba kunjungi

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