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Monday, March 8, 2010

Remo Gembel Hair Cut: A Mystical Ritual in Dieng

Dieng derived from the Sanskrit language "Di" and "Hyang". "Word "Di"  means a high place or mountain and "Hyang" means heaven. By combining these two words, it could mean that "Dieng" is a mountainous region where the gods and goddesses residing.

Arjuna temple
History begin between the 8th century and the 13th. Dieng region is kind of 'heaven' in Java island. Twenty eight years ago, before the tragedy occurred  in Sinila, the beauty of heaven that still can be enjoyed by all people. However, since the volcano erupted and killed Sinila's  peoples, heaven slowly disappeared, buried by time. If no rescue efforts, the fate may be similar Dieng with Atlantis Paradise town in the plains of Spain disappeared under the flood and now living myth.
'Heaven Dieng' which at the time of Chandra Gupta Sidhapala kingdom, by Hindus, believed to be the axis of the world. At that time, Sang Hyang Jagadnata move 'cosmic mountain' Meru from India to Mount Dieng. As the capital of the kingdom, as it was, Dieng (Paradise of hyang) not only became the center of government, but also the center of spirituality and civilization. In the highlands, located at an altitude of 2093 meters above sea level there are now 10 Hindu temples, some lakes and craters are still active including some Sinila and surrounded by mountains and hills, with a very beautiful panorama.

Enshrinement complex consists of four groups, namely groups and Parikshit Dwarawati Temple, the Temple of East Dwarawati, Setyaki temple groups, Ontorejo, Petruk, Nala Gareng, and Nakula-Sahadev, and the temple Arjuna, Semar, Sembodro, Puntadewa, and Heroine. Complex enshrinement in the Dieng Hindu currently located in the barren mountains and almost no trees. Dieng store past history. This temple complex was built at the former rest of the crater basin. This is the first building of the oldest Hindu in Central Java that was built around the seventh century, older than prambanan built in the eighth century. Appropriate naming puppet, with the Arjuna temple in the middle. This temple was built for a ritual activity, because there is trust carrying ancestral spirits dwelling in the mountains lived.

Semar Cave

Dieng also has three colored lakes. The water in this lake often reflecting colors, because sulfur content. But some people here believe, that this lake is where the washing of the gods and goddesses, so that many pilgrims who come to expect Pesugihan (Shortest way to be rich). and here there are three caves on the outskirts of the lake. One is the cave Semar. This cave is often used to meditate.

There are three craters are known here, namely Sikidang Crater, Sileri and Candradimuka. Sikidang crater is an active volcano that spread the smell of sulfur was so stung yag. However, this crater was opened for tourists. Water crater Sikidang blackish color, the heat is estimated to reach one hundred degrees centigrade and Sileri crater located in Banjarnegara district, Central Java. The crater is the most dangerous, and is the largest in Dieng, which is about two hectares. In the year 1964 and in 1984 the crater had erupted twice, so visitors are given the opportunity to see the crater from a distance of several hundred meters.

 Sikidang Crater

The crater is a natural phenomenon of rare and wonderful, yet dangerous. In 1979, one of the craters in Dieng, namely Sinila spewing toxic gas and killed 149 people here. However, these craters are large energy. It issued a crater tens of geothermal energy or geothermal can be used as power plants, and four of which are used to power the earth.

           Gembel Remo  Hair Cut Ritual

Usually, hair cutting ceremony conducted trash Dieng communities in two districts, Banjarnegara and Wonosobo, on the eve of Ashura 1 or 1 Suro, according to a new year calendar, Java or 1 Muharam according to the Islamic calendar. The local community believes the eve of Ashura is 1 holy night suitable for selling is concerned.

They really believe the night turn of the year along with ongoing Java big celebration, the marriage of the descendants of a pair of supernatural brides, Kiai Kaladete and Nyi Roro Kidul, the ruler of Lake Balekambang in Dieng. Balekambang lake is believed to be the palace residence Kaladete Kiai.

At nightfall, on the lake looked like a dance of torches. The dancers are holding the torch liukkan winding body with beautiful movement. Crowd at the lake was a sign there was a big event.
Torch dance lasted until the morning as an expression of joy that magical master community. It is said by some people trust Dieng, on a sacred ritual, the two supernatural figures that handing out the gift through the tangled-haired child.

Departure from this belief, religious magical community in Dieng, who tangled hair ketitipan children, trying to hold ritual ceremonies ruwatan.Upacara tangled hair cut into one or the annual event to attract tourists annually visit Dieng,

Dieng's Pepople Ancestor
Kaladete is a spiritual figure who is very influential and pervasive in the lives of citizens in Dieng. They consider Kiai is Kaladete ancestor, the ancestral population of Dieng. However, people do not know for sure about the origin of tangled-haired child, how children have tangled hair. The myth that live there, said before he died Kiai Kaladete advised that his descendants had helped deal with problems that can not be completed. He then passed to the offspring tangled hair.

Another myth says, tangled-haired child and the pet deposit is ruling the South Sea, Nyi Roro Kidul, who is believed to be a dancer when the great event took place at night in Lake 1 Balekambang Suro. However, in Dieng community has a different myth with the myth of the above. They believe that in Dieng was a village called Siterus in District Kejajar, Wonosobo regency. In this village lives Kalinga kingdom royal-a-century Hindu kingdom VII-VIII which had stood at Dieng. The descendants of King Kalinga is believed to build the temples in Dieng.

They have faith if there are children who have tangled hair, it is the incarnation of Kling. Locals call it the child bajang because usually he was short. Son of a son gout Kling favorite "ladies" who "inhabit" Dieng area. That is why, boys like these usually get more attention. Children bajang nature and have different characters with children in general. He usually naughty, sick, and the derision their peers.

Tangled-haired child's life is told in a drama of ballet. Any request must always be fulfilled, especially just before the ritual ceremony will gembelnya hair cut. Tangled hair, according to some parents will not be cut or shaved if the child has not asked for cut. The desire to cut a new hair is usually tangled up when they hit the age of five years to 12 years. Request for a haircut is usually accompanied by a desire weird.

Ritual trash haircut magical religious nuanced. Haircuts are not discarded. Hair pieces put together with the hawker market, calico (flowers in three colors) wrapped in white cloth, then dilarung Serayu River cutting ritual begins trash remo Ruwatan events that took place at a site called Batu Tulis not far Theater Plateu with Ruwatan Dieng was expected children regardless of tangled hair and his various illnesses.

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