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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ryan: "Calm Butcher" from Jombang


JOMBANG became a most wanted roumor (again). Not anymore because Gus Dur (5th Indonesian President), Cak Nun or Asmuni (Comedian), national leaders from cities in East Java, but because Ryan, a young psychopath who has successfully eliminate at least 11 human lives - that's the number of victims who have been exposed while.

Certainly not easy to be a killer. It takes courage (or recklessness) and mentally strong, especially when it is done with a plan, under the consciousness of mind, and many times too. Humans as whether such a strong heart, to bear all the bad dreams after the death of another human being take by force?

Face of the psychopath, Ryan Jombang's psychiatric examination result concluded there was no sign of severe mental disorders at Ryan. He's not crazy, still sane and understands all of his actions. Ryan only be called psychopathic, personality is very sensitive, irritable, impulsive and aggressive. That is the theory of psychiatry makes it easy young man to attack when angry and offended. Except that, whether related or not with the cruel behavior, Ryan was known to have problems sesksual orientation, namely homosexual, and usually acts as a woman in touch with fellow kind.

In the case of "quality" of crime, can be seen growing on the gravity of the misconduct Ryan "advanced". From the beginning to kill because they must, then kill the plan because the motive of money, then killed by cause hurt feelings, then killed with a very nasty: mutilation, chopping the body into several parts. I wonder what happens when this deviant act more slowly known. Ryan's home page in Jombang would really be a graveyard.

Her face was calm, perhaps in line with the demeanor. Ryan really did not look like a murderer. In the tape on television, saw his style walk and move the body, this young man away from the impression that even criminals. Nothing compared to the current butchers label attached to him.

I was still hard to imagine the mood of someone who has killed another person. The executor on death row who have supplied weapons he never knew, what weapon he was holding a real loaded or empty, in order to free the executor of guilt had been killed - although it was committed in the name of the law.

Soldiers returning from war trauma is often long, not necessarily by his own actions to kill the enemy, more often just because they saw his ruthless.

One day, in a deep sleep for long day of work, I dreamed involved in exciting fights. Exciting. Until, short stories, my opponent in the dream, which I myself never knew who he was and whether she is in real life, had been murdered. In the middle of a quiet night, I woke up, panting with the breath of exhaustion, like the fight had just occurred and true. For days I was haunted by the trauma of that dream. Imagine the bloody hands and eyes so sick of people dying. In fact, just a dream.

Ryan murder victim's body was evacuated from the grave at his parents' home pages.

If you  like reading relatively novel set tale of murder, by setting the story complex and exciting, full of bad scenarios that do not know how wild the writer can imagine it, or watching movies drama recounts the events that the mystery of death, which throughout the story makes the heart beat -pounding, full of surprises and unpredictability.

All that experience is still not enough to make us a strong heart to read the play-style serial killer Ryan Jombang, who buried some of his victims into a single stacked next to a septic tank, burying some of the others on either side of her parents' house, and allegedly is still there several more victims who have not been found. What a powerful and complex young man's psyche when he was the sole perpetrator, executor dying pickup business conqueror of death.

Seeing the way he killed and tools used: hammer, a ball of concrete, steel rod, the wood beams that struck the back of the head of his victim, cruelty Ryan was not really random. Among fellow killer may have an advanced class killer, killer in the upper level of the prison environment would be feared - if he's lucky this did not immediately put to death. 

Only Happen in Indonesia

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