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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ponari and The Magic-Lightning-Rock Healer

Ponari, a boy from Jombang suddenly became popular after he was struck by lightning. After the events that almost claimed his life, many people who believe this kid could cure all disease.

Child pairs Kasim (40) and Mukaromah (28), citizen Kedungsari Hamlet, Village Balongsari, Megaluh District, Jombang, in mid January 2009 and with their peers playing the rain. However, he suddenly felt his head as his fistful stoned, when lightning struck.

He woke up, found the stone like chicken eggs under his feet. When taken, the stone was pulled out reddish light. After that, the stone is brought home by him.

Long interval, suddenly the boy's house was always flooded with people from all over Java Timmur who want medical treatment to cure the disease. Unfortunately, no one knew, who told Ponari alternative medical practice that. Also, not clear all, who first treated by Ponari, so that the illness could be cured.

There's the story behind the mystical "lightning stones" Ponari. It is said that this stone is a relic of Ki Ageng Selo, Legend character who is said to catch lightning. Another story that is the two creatures "spirits" in these lightning stones called RONO and Rani who will join with Ponari. Two beings spirits that supposedly helps Ponari to heal people. And even more annoying and does not make sense anymore ... when Ponari leave from practice, because of the falling victim, many prospective patients who Ponari taking water from a well that is believed to have Ponari advice and blessings. Even the water drain behind the shaman's house was also not spared the onslaught of patients believed to bring blessings for

News about Ponari burst fills the news in the media. Ponari very phenomenon. Many praised by the destitute who have no property to be treated.It issued   that Ponari already gained total 1 billion rupiah from the practice. Grade 3 elementary school boy has become a new icon in the world of shamanism. Defeated the senior ones. Because traditional connotation usually less convenient, more comfortable being called paranormal or alternative medicine experts. 

Ponari now busy with activities to help people to treat disease. Although until now I have never read or saw testimony from patients about the disease after recovery handled by the shaman was little. A few days ago Kak Seto who is chairman of KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission), visited the residence Ponari, seeing indications of exploitation of children carried out by Ponari family. Ponari initially willing to go back to school and will not open his shamanism practice again, but a promise was broken . 

Reported on TV that Ponari shaman reopen his practice in support of hundreds of residents in the surrounding apartments. But with the new provisions: only serves 5000 patients per day. This means that, if the 5000 quota was fulfilled a day, then the next patient is not being served the next day. With reason to avoid congestion that can lead to patients falling victim again. When to image how a business turnover Ponari practice, then it is roughly calculated, for example at least give an indication of patient services Rp. 5000, is in her 1-day turnover USD. 5000 x 5000 (patients) = Rp. 25.000.000/hari or Rp. 750,000,000 per month!! if there is ngasih more than Rp. 5000, it is not impossible turnover would be 1 billion per month, the salary is comparable to the General Manager's Top 10 Governement Company in Indonesia.

Only happen in Indonesia

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