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Monday, March 8, 2010

The "Root Man" from Indonesia Amaze the world!!

DEDE the "Root Man" Village residents Bunder, Tanjungjaya, Cililin, Bandung regency, West Java is now being treated at Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, to undergo an intensive examination under the supervision of the medical team.

According to the Special Team Chief Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Dr. Rachmat Dinata, Dede skin virus Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is now spread throughout the skin tissue and appeared on the surface of the skin warts blackish brown.

The virus is classified as malignant, easy to grow, and attacks the human immune system is weak. Dede illness is Epidermo Displacia Veruciformis and Giant cutaneous horn with the identification of the growth of warts inflamed and enlarged so as to resemble horns large tree roots. Dede's health condition is quite good now, meaning he could still hear, see, speak and do not forget memory. Only physically he began to feel heavy when I have to walk because of the arms and legs grow branches that resemble tree roots.

Health Minister as Dede could ask to see she felt grievances. Dede said he was tormented because he can not smoke. For smoking Dede must use a long pipe because her palm was covered with warts that are now growing like roots. Hearing Dede want to smoke, and Menkes was not banned, but suggested that replaced it with candy. "That's hard yes, but what can be tried only replaced sweets if you want to smoke," he said.
Dede have visitors thanked Minister of Health, who delivered greetings from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. When asked if there was a request to the President Dede, Dede simply replied, "I have healed me".

In connection with the contract with the Discovery Channel, Dede said did not know. Before leaving the treatment room Bungenvile, Minister of Health gave the envelope. "This is just to help it, Mr. Dede must be patient, yes, the government will bear the father's medical expenses to recover," he said.
Disease third child of five children of this is quite strange and probably the first in the world. Medical Dede at the largest referral hospital in West Java is not the first time since 10 years ago Dede had examined and if she had been treated calculated for 460 days.

Starting from a wart that grows on her knees and got married in 1988 when it had not spread warts but in 1997 a wart skin diseases are getting worse and spread to all parts of the body in the form of small warts.
Over time these warts, especially in the legs and palms grew like a tree root. Dede could only accept it, even when his wife left him, Dede was only accompanied by his two children and live in the village on the edge of Saguling.
Dede was at that time had entered the television news. Local government as informed by Dede's family was also concerned with facilitating Dede treated at Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung.
But because not go away and then the doctor says there is no cure for it, finally went home and Dede long never showing.

Then, after the TV show Discovery Channel documentary titled Half Man Half Tree make rippled the medical community and the media.Minister says Dede's blood samples that strange disease by foreigners through Dr. Anthony Gaspari with the Discovery Channel, is very detrimental scientists and government of Indonesia.
Foreign party should take any blood samples from Indonesia must be accompanied by permits and using Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), although blood samples Dede and his family will be studied in the United States (U.S.).

She believes that such acts can be categorized into the theft of natural wealth, the wealth of medical research resources in Indonesia, and Indonesia against intellectual property. "Cases like this also happens in the case of patient blood samples of bird flu," he said.

Need lawyer

Dede also feel fortunate to be able to meet with Hany Enterprise confident that brought back when he joined the exhibition with the other odd, until finally met with the Discovery Channel.
Seeing this, Minister of Health asked the Director Hasan Sadikin Hospital helped find lawyers to assist Dede Dede to obtain the rights of fair contracting parties Dede. "Not until there phak a greater benefit from Dede. Wong's illness should not be made to suffer even more miserable," he said.

Managing Director Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Cissy S Prawira promised to facilitate immediate legal counsel for Dede. But he said the agreement with Fox TV and the Discovery Channel that was made before will not be questioned.
On the other hand, a freelance director of Fox TV in Indonesia, Krishna Astraatmadja, ready to become a mediator promised the Indonesian government with Dr. Anthony Gaspari of Maryland Hospital. According to Krishna, Dr. Anthony from the beginning been willing to cooperate with the Indonesian doctors to cure the strange disease Dede.

Krishna's involvement in documentary filmmaking Dede because requested by Fos TV. In April 2007 the Fox contacted Krishna asking about Dede. "Apparently they saw Dede in a magazine in England called Bizzare. Yes time event at Taman Mini Gempar a lot of visitors, perhaps too many journalists there," said Krishna.
Krishna told the documentary filming is done for two weeks, starting on 18-25 June 2007. The film also involves a dermatology expert from the U.S., namely Anthony Gaspari

And He will be given a special gel or ointment to kill the virus human papilloma virus (HPV) or wart virus that attacked him.

As stated by Chairman Treatment Team for Dede , Dr. Rahmat Dinata who accompanied Director RSHS Bandung, Prof. Dr. Dr. Cissy Rachiana Prawira Sudjana, in his press conference, at the Press Room RSHS Bandung, Thursday.

"This ointment or gel will be applied on the left arm Dede. It's still trial and error, for fear of side effects," said Rahmat.

According to him, this ointment is another form of the drug Cidofovir recommended by the expert from Maryland USA Dermatology, Prof. Anthony Gaspari.

He said, during the administration of drugs to Dede Cidofovir menimbukan feared would be a side effect of kidney swelling Dede. Therefore, to reduce side effects caused by drug Cidofovir, the institute succeeded besertaTim Pharmacy ITB changing patterns of drug delivery into the body Dede. "In the past, the drug liquid matter so I enter the body through injection, while Dede now just because dioles enough ointment form," he said.

It states, the ninth Dede operation this time, managed to lift 1.6 kg wart on the face, neck, and chest and running smoothly. "The degree of difficulty this time the operation is not as complex as the previous operation, you could say everything went smoothly, well," said Dr. Grace.
Drugs Cidofovir, a drug that contains Cito megalo virus (CMV) which can kill the human papilloma virus (HPV), a virus that attacks Dede's warts, he said.

Director RSHS Bandung, Prof. Dr. Dr. Cissy Rachiana Prawira Sudjana, states, all medical expenses will be borne by the government Dede. "Because Dede is a specific patient from the Ministry of Health, the Minister of Health covered all the financing or the government," he said.
According to him, since a few days ago, a copy of the financing for operations and maintenance in RSHS Bandung Dede has been sent to the Minister of Health.

Only in Indonesia

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