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Monday, March 8, 2010

Pocong (A Tangible Ghost) in broad daylight at Mall

Surabaya citizens shocked by a videotape "pocong appearance" in broad daylight. Pocong allegedly appeared in one of the central spending in Surabaya. Video is believed to have originated from mobile phone camera recording it lasted only a short, 24 seconds.

Pocong recorded not so clear the face. Only the owner of the phone got hysterical when pocong caught in camera.

Video Pocong :

The 'cameraman' was instantly shocked and hysterical. He also called asthma God, Istighfar several times, calling friends Suroboyoan kawannnya accent.

The sound of fear and panic is recorded clearly in the video that has spread to the citizens of this phone number.

Circulating information, the appearance of this pocong recorded by a worker one shopping center. Pocong was caught on camera at the 5th floor of a warehouse. Somehow the story, the owner is aiming the camera phone into a corner.

And unfortunate, sudden pocong caught on tape. Pocong twice that recorded. First appearance, pocong seen from the side that was down and the room disappeared.

Then, pocong recorded back in the corner of the room. His movements were the same. Pocong was silent and head nodding. Keliatannya want to jump but could not.

Depictions pocong vary. Say, pocong has a green face with empty eyes. The other portrayal states, pocong flat-faced and has a hole or hollow eyes closed cotton with pale white faces. Those who believe in ghosts assumes, pocong is a form of protest from the dead who had forgotten to open kafan bond before his grave was closed.

Although pocong often portrayed in the film jumping moves, the myth of the fact stated pocong pocong floating moves. This is understandable, because in the movies starring pocong could not move his legs so that the operation should be jumping up and down.

Belief in the existence of ghosts pocong developed only in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Although the following description of the Muslim tradition, people of other faiths also were able to recognize the existence of this ghost.

Only happen in Indonesia

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