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Monday, March 8, 2010

Root Bridge in West Sumatra

A bridge is connecting two areas that are far apart. The bridge gives hope in humans to always be connected. But have you ever watched the bridges that form naturally? A bridge which the unknown origins of the formation is located at South Coastal District of Indonesia, which is one of the most unique bridges in the world . This bridge liaising between the two regions; Jorong (a name of hamlet) and Puluik-Lubuak Puluik glare, glare Lubuak Village, North Bayang Sub-district, South Coastal,
West Sumatra.,  Indonesia

Based on the information from local community leader in Pulik-puluik, Herman Bandaro Datuak Rajo, the bridge was made because of a  spiritual guru named Pakih Sokan feel sorry to see students from Pulik puluik often do not come for his Islamic study and Qoran recitation because the flood of Batang Bayang river.
In the year 1916 Pohan Pakih planted two sticks Jawi-jawi (a type of banyan tree broad-leaf), Jawi-jawi tree is planted in two locations one in Pulik-puluik area and one in the glare Lubuak stem separated by shadows. Then the roots are dangling in woven bamboo rod made of bone bridge as the root bridge. After 3 years the roots of two Jawi-jawi trees is linked but not impassable.

To make a bridge impassable, it takes over 20 years so the bridge can be taken Puluik-puluik citizens who want to go to Lubuak glare.

Until now the bridge measuring 30 meters long and 1 meter wide with a height from the surface of the shadow rod about 10 feet and at the age of the bridge is already 93 years and still can be passed from the local residents Pulik-puluik as many as 25 heads of families as well as citizens who want to go to Pulik-puluik region. What an amazing bridge.

Only happen in Indonesia

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